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Aydin Displays

Aydin Displays' 8820SD

Touch Panels

With so many options available it can be difficult to know exactly what you're looking for.

Here's a quick back-to-basics breakdown of all of our touch options!

1. 5- Wire Resistive Touch

    a. Two axis voltage divider
    b. Full EMI compliant and works with gloved hands.
    c. Poor Sunlight readability (i.e. highly reflective), limited multi-touch.

See Models with Wire Resitive Touch

2. PCAP (Projected Capacitance)

    a. Finger contact or proximity to the touchscreen surface changes the capacitance between one or more electrodes of array and its neighbors.
    b. This touch panel is very good to be used for multi-touch applications and because of its transparency of the material, it has very good sunlight readability.
    c. This is what smart phones uses.

    d. Does not works with gloves and it does not meets EMI requirements.

See Models with PCAP Touch

3. Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Touch

    a. Shear acoustic waves propagating in the surface of a piece of glass are attenuated by finger touch.
    b. Touch panel is good with multi-touch and has good sunlight readability.
    c. This touch panel won’t meet EMI requirement and gasketing/mounting to bezel critical so the sound waves aren’t affected (harder to get EMI/water resistant)

See Models with SAW Touch

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